hello i am trash and this is my art dump blog.
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 #(((((((((thatm eans))))  #(((ath im going to bed))))))))))  #today is one of those days where drawign jjst isnt WORKIGN  #ITS NOT WORKING  #!!!!!!!!  #wip
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    Google: Rainmeter Persona 4 Rainmeter skin. I used the Persona 3 on for the looooonnnggest time. I started to have a...
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    Does anyone know where to find that Calendar/Date/Time telling thingy I need it I Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it PS feast is also...
  3. starexorcist said: Where’d you get your sweet calendar thingy????? I /NEED/ it OnO
  4. eyecandybutts said: MY GOD. COME BACK TO WHAT YOU’RE DOING NOW
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